Room 12 2009 Reflections


  1. do not write your last name
  2. do not write your address or phone number

89 Responses to “Room 12 2009 Reflections”

  1. I learned how to make a graph on Excel. It was on the amount of rubbish in the school bush.

  2. there are more than 5000 spieces of ladybird

  3. I Learnt that the Haast Eagle can eat a Moa and eat a fully grown man

  4. I learned how to do graphs on microsoft Excel.It was about rubbish in the school bush.

  5. i learnt how to do mimio

  6. I learnt that there are 4,000 species of cockroaches and four well known as pests.

  7. I leart that a male cicada is the loudest incest in the world.

  8. well this is the of school i’m in a new class called room 12.My teacher mr Beson show our class the mimo.It’s group of maths games. hope you like my site!!!!

  9. i lenrt how to get on to

  10. We learnt about the Haast Eagle!!!,it can pick up a hole moa and a fully growing person.Then eats it!.This is why the Haast Eagle eats the moari.
    The moari people stole the Haast eagle’s egg and crashed them up. So the eagle eats the moari peeps for revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  11. well this is the of start of the new year at school. i’m in a new class called room 12.My teacher mr Beson show our class the mimo.It’s group of maths games. hope you like my site!!!!

  12. I learned that on exel i learned how to make a gragh of all the rubbish in the school bush.

  13. dargonfies are the biggest insents in the world

  14. This year we have learnt, that the haast egle is so big that it can pic up a moa and it flies round in circles until it finds its prey then it swops down, pick it up and eats it in the air

  15. I learned that a New Zealand moth is noctul and has no mouth.

    Dragon flies have a mobile head which means it can move it in any directcion, left, right, up, down. Amazing what bugs can do wow! Dragon flies can’t move around if they land on somthing, but they can fly around to the directcion they want to face. Also Dragon flies are the largest insect the largest ones were for its wing-span two rulers long thats 60 cm long holy shoot bet you didn’t know that well thats all for now more facts soon bye to U.S.A, NZ, Ozzie, Canda, China, Turkey and what-ever else bye and i mean it really really gggrrrrrrr stop reading i mean it *book worm* (you:) hey i heard that! (me:) so your reading oh well im writing this oh what am i doin bye.

  17. I learned how to tell wich website is fake and which is real

  18. we learned about the puri moth only lives for 2 Days and does not have a moth.

  19. I learned all about lake Toupo’s volcanic explosion.And how it left a big ginormos hole.

  20. great job everyone.

  21. The Haast eagle can pick up a fully grown man and a moa

  22. If 46+48=?
    You can do 40+40=80

  23. 46+102= 562

  24. I learnt a new song on the recorder at music

  25. I learn’t how to do a topic with my friend, Yu Chen

  26. I learnt that there are planets bigger than the Sun.


  28. a termite hole is heavier than an elephant.

  29. I learnt that there are lots of planets or stars that are bigger than the sun.

  30. I learnt that some people believe that the universe was bouncing.

  31. i learnt at maths how to do subtraction on money it was fun

  32. Today i learnt that People that go to China schools are not allowed to use their right hands.

  33. Today i learnt that someday the Sun will expand and then explode.

  34. The Earth might get flooded because of global warming, which will mount up the Antarctica

  35. I learnt that when you go on incredible machine press a letter like f or a or other stuff

  36. i learnt what will happen in the furture when the ice melts

  37. I learnt how to get on ictgames because the last few days ive been trying but not finding it on the internet

  38. I learnt that a group of yurmites are heavier then a elephant

  39. I learnt that aliens might be true and if it was we might be able to be their friends.

  40. i learnt how to do a area in maths we had fun

  41. the water will rise when the ice melts.

  42. I learnt at school this week my 9 times table and 3 times tables (with help from Emily) I learnt about the ice caps

  43. today I learnt tif you press a letter it will come up different things to use

  44. I learnt how to do erea in math

  45. today I learnt tif you press a letter it will come up different things to use on the incredible machine

  46. pests were introced by other countrys like austaila.

  47. Yesterday I learnt how to turn fractions into decimals.

  48. I learnt that Polarbears are the largest carnivores on land.

  49. today i learned relly hard maths it was relly hard

  50. I larent that how to do a divide by another way

  51. I learnted that the kid in the bay has a good attidude and takes responcibilities for her/him self

  52. I did 75+123=198

  53. I learnt that you can get two screens on one computer!!

  54. today i learned my seven times tables

  55. I learnt about the Wolframalpha. you can search anything on it

  56. what to do when it comes to maths.

  57. today i learnt how to do division

  58. devison is harder then it looks

  59. yesterday we learnt to divide in maths

  60. I learned about the kid in the bay. It is everyone and thay have values like being able and choice and respecting teachers.

  61. I learnt that the kid in the bay is respectful to their teachers.

  62. I learned how to find missing stuff in a story

  63. learn math and some surff

  64. Hi I learned how to get processdure and nataral

  65. I learned about processed things and natural things.

  66. I learnt how to write neatly

  67. I learned about handwriting and how to do it really fast.

  68. Today I learnt that I am very good at my ten times tables on TuTpup.

  69. Jupiter is a gas giant

  70. Saturn orbit the Sun 10 hours and 33 minutes

  71. Neil Armstrong was the first person to go to the moon

  72. In our topic this term, I learned that the most that we see of Jupiter are gases

  73. saturn is nine times bigger than earth it is the 2and biggst planet

  74. I learnt that saturn got its rings from a shattered moon that once orbited it.

  75. Today I leanrt the order of the planets

  76. Mars has ice on it

  77. peoples live on Earth. Animals live on Earth as well.

  78. Jupiter protects Earth from asreroids by sucking them into its atmosphere

  79. the planets all stand for some thing

    my very excited monster just sat upon neptune

  80. we are doing a play next term and Pluto is not a plant any more

  81. Hi! THis is what I have to Say: “Mr benson ROCKS”

  82. I learned that Light cant even Escape A black hole

  83. i lernt my 9x tables

  84. I learnted about obedicane

  85. I learnt how to make a question on the blog

  86. this term our topic is electricity

  87. I learnt that earth got it’s tilt by a planet hitting us

  88. there are lot of thing in space

  89. I learnt that the deepest ocean is the pacific. mount everest can fit in it without a trace.

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