Mr Bojangle’s Diary

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14 Responses to “Mr Bojangle’s Diary”

  1. On Sunday I went to church and we played fear factor and I got to do it. Do you no what we played, well I will tell you. We had to have our arms and legs tided up tight then stand up and then go through mouse traps blindfolded and then grab the scissors cut your legs and run to the back and get the scissors with your teeth in spaghetti. Then cut the string off your arms and then run to the front. Also I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Mr Benson so much we had FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. On Thursday I got Mr Bojangles yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    after school I went to after school care
    at 5:30 dad picked me up.
    after we had dinner I played rugby with lachlan
    Mr Bojangles watched us he said “you were great”
    Then we went to sleep.

  3. on wednesday I got mr bojangles hooray!!!!!!!!!
    after school we walked home togther.
    hunter came over to play at my house
    and we went to his house too.
    after i walked home mr bojangle and I had dinner
    then I went to sleep.

  4. Mr Bojangle’s and I had a good time together. We watched my brother play soccer and I read a story to him i showed him around my house. I showed him my motor bike, my brothers and my dads. Thanks Mr Benson.

  5. Today I got Mr Bo-jangles. We walked home together. When we got home I had an ice blok. and some cookies mr Bo-jangles had some to.Then we opened a letter and then were going to have tea and then drop my brother of at scouts and then we went to bed

  6. Today I got mr bo-jangles,first we did our homewook then we went swiming at lloyd elsmore park then mum picked me up and gave my Yugioh then I played with the yugioh cards for 15 minutes. Mr bo-jangles had a good time.

  7. aToday i got mr bojangles after school we went to cricket practice and picked up my brother I had mc donalds mr bojangle watched me practice soccer at home then we want inside to watch the cricket
    Peter Ingram got 40 out Brendon Mcullum got 45 out and Martin Guptill and Ross Taylor are still in the cricket is Live vs Austrailia

  8. Today after school I got Mr Bojangles I showed him to my sister and mum Mr bojangles. We practised rugby at my new club we played tackle mr bojangles tied with me then it was time to go home so we had supper. Mr bo jangles was first to finish and then watched tv. Then my mum was a docter and fixed his head and his bum!!! Then went to bed listening to my ipod touch

  9. on friday the 5th of march i got mr bojangles. That night i was doing badminton i lost 5 times and won 1. the next day i did cricket we won 70 to 50 then i went home and went to tennis after tennis i went to andres’ birhtday party it was a sleep over we did scootering,trampoline,swimming,computer,table tennis.Then we had dinner after dinner we watched a movie, after we went to bed but i didnt go to bed i stayed up in til 2 a clook in the morning with andre’. I got woken up by matthew then we got breakfast after we watched tv then we played table tennis and the computer,scootering and tampoline then my dad came to pick me up when i got home i went on the computer to play games. the end

  10. Today i got Mr Bo-jangles my mum picked us up and my sisters friend .then we had some cookies and apples after that I went on the computer i went on poptropica aftert that we played on the tramp it was fun then we took my sisters fried back home then came home for tea which was chips and noodles and peaches yum!!!! then we went to bed the end bye bye

  11. Today I got mr Bojangles.I walk home holding him in my hand.Me and mr Bojangles watched the Indian Tournament.We had shapes and yoghurt.Then we went to rugby league practise and Ben and Noah are in my team.Mr Bojangles watch me run around for about 1 hour.When I got home I had a shower and put on my pjs and dad got the Howick Hornets A new ball.

  12. Today I got MR BO-jangles.First we had afternoon tea.Then we went swimming.Then we got ice-cream.Then we went to the playground.Then we went back to the hall and played inside for a little while.Then we played 4 square. Then we played champion.Then we went home and got McDonalds.Then we watched some TV.Then we went to bed we had A fun day Today!we went dancing.Then we watched some TV.Then a friend came over for dinner.Then we watched some TV.Then we went to bed we had a fun day today!Today we went to church.Then we watched some more TV.Then we had some dinner.Then we watched some more TV.Then we went to bed.I had lots of fun with Mr Bo-jangles!

  13. me and mr bojangles walked home from school and we caught up to zack and tamati.When we got home from school me and mr bojangles
    we watched cricket highlights the touramment was the IPL. One of
    the teams won beacuse the other team threw a wide when the sores were level with 2 balls left to spare.later mr bojangles watched
    me eat dinner for dinner I had chicken curry and rice. Mr bojangles was not hungry.

  14. I went to zoes house for the afternoon we hade chocolate cake and juice. We went to go to the dairy with feabe. I got 3 lollys.Then it was raining so we ran home.Mrs lola was puffed out! We went on sims I didn’t play on it for long. My mum picked me up and we went home. Kitty was wating for me.

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